Reporting & Business Intelligence

We offer comprehensive reporting to provide direct oversight and help you take control of your health care dollars. By evaluating these analytics, you can learn more about the health of your workforce, pinpoint chronic health conditions, and develop a better understanding your employee population. We work with you to tailor programs that maximize appropriate utilization and generate the most cost-effective benefit solutions.

We utilize Business Edge, a reporting function that provides customers with state of the art reporting solutions, allowing health benefit managers and brokers to conduct health trend analysis from an easy-to-use, drag and drop, web-based platform. Business Edge brings together the simplicity, speed of search and analytical power that provides our customers with immediate answers to business questions. Accessible through Pinnacle’s Employer Resource Center (PERC), Business Edge allows customers to make informed decisions about managing their health plan. Customers can produce graphs, ad-hoc queries and quickly access data as it relates to plan utilization, costs and trends.

This reporting tool is a free benefit for all of our customers. Business Edge provides a simple approach to managing customer’s health care data, uses the latest innovations in technology, and delivers a connected, interactive and open business intelligence solution.