Health and Wellness Center Opens in Salinas

Many years ago, it was not unusual for large businesses to have a medical professional on staff taking care of minor ailments and illnesses quickly on the work site.  That health delivery model has recently been getting a shot in the arm among employers with the establishment of conveniently-located health and wellness clinics or centers.  With the advent of HealthCare Reform and all the confusion and uncertainly it is creating, the need for employers to take care of workers while controlling health care costs is as critical as ever.

Understanding and examining this challenge, Pinnacle Claims Management, Inc. (Pinnacle) has partnered with HealthStat, a premier provider of onsite primary care services, to offer members and plan participants a local, friendly, bilingual, confidential and cost-effective health care option, the Cedar Health and Wellness Center.

Studies show that companies can cut health expenses 20 to 55 percent, reduce short-term sick leave by 32 percent, and boost productivity by 52 percent by utilizing clinics such as the Cedar Health and Wellness Center.  Additionally, clinics reduce the need for hospital visits, which account for the single largest category of medical expenses in the nation.

It's widely accepted that worker productivity can increase as companies encourage healthy habits for their employees through wellness centers.  For the convenience of employees, at the Cedar Health and Wellness Center, there are no forms to fill out and no claim disputes to deal with.   As opposed to long waits and brief contact with a doctor or health provider, Cedar provides less intimidating visits, generating more dialog, in English and Spanish, between patients and providers.  Convenient access to this facility means health diagnoses are made sooner and treatment begins almost immediately.  Proactive, preventative consultations are provided and chronic health conditions are better managed.  Providers are available to see patients to help treat minor health issues, check for early stages of more serious conditions, manage chronic conditions like asthma or diabetes, and provide pharmacy services.

Cedar Health and Wellness Center is located at 955 Blanco Circle, Ste E, Salinas, Calif., 93901.

To utilize this Center, contact your account manager.