Pinnacle iNETICO Partner to Provide State of the Art Care Management Services

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Pinnacle Claims Management, Inc. (Pinnacle) is announcing a new partnership with iNETICO, which has proactively developed seamless and efficient systems for both case and care management services, aimed at maximizing savings.

"Pinnacle really hangs its hat on the state of the art, cutting edge programs we offer our customers," said Pinnacle's President David Zanze.  "This exciting new partnership with iNETICO is another example of that endeavor, and we are confident that our customers will enjoy substantial cost savings by utilizing iNETICO's services."

iNETICO's care management services, provided by iNETICARE, include:

Case Management

iNETICARE's Nurse Case Managers looks at each individual member as a whole person, not just as "the singular condition or disease."  This beneficial program is proven to help patients by increasing their healthcare knowledge enabling them to make well informed choices and better use of their available health benefits.

Disease Management

iNETICARE's Disease Case Managers work one-on-one with patients that have chronic disease needs such as:

  • COPD (including Emphysema)
  • Congestive Heart Disease
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • and Other Chronic Illnesses

H.U.G.S.  - Maternity Management

All expecting mothers or those planning a family soon, should have access to a maternity management program. Pinnacle makes that possible with its partnership with INETICO and their H.U.G.S. program


iNETICARE is founded on the Healthy & Engaged Lifestyle Partnership (HELP) program. The objective HELP is to improve the health of individuals identified with chronic conditions. This accredited program will positively impact their life by delivering valuable information, providing educational resources and by working directly with iNETICARE's Nurse Care Managers to improve their health related behaviors.

From a claims perspective, iNETICO works through its proprietary web software solution (known as iNETIPASS ) that provides proper routing of each claim and also coordinates the daily efforts of the iNETICO care managers. Clients can access the iNETIPASS system via a secure web portal to access information such as cost savings, case status, as well as, reporting data.

These exciting services are available to all Pinnacle customers. Any interested clients should contact their account manager for a quote