Bad Habits to Drop in the Workplace - Negativity

Bad work habits can be hard to break, but if you are interested in changing them, you first need to be aware of them.  If not caught and reversed, bad habits can diminish employee and team productivity in a workplace, compromise business flow and sap the energy of your organization. The best way to break a bad habit is to reprogram the brain through repetition of a new, better habit to replace the bad one. One to consider breaking, if you have it in your workplace, is negativity.

Negativity in the workplace is a common outlet that employees and managers not only habitually entertain, but encounter daily. Negativity can take on many forms including lying, slander, deceit, selfishness and pessimism. Excessive complaining is another that never works to resolve any problems. The office should be a calm and productive place where employees can concentrate on their daily responsibilities. Negativity by one or more employees in the office can contribute to a lack of focus or retention by your entire team. Here are some suggestions on how to break the cycle of negativity:

  • Meet with your staff on a consistent basis to learn the issues they are dealing with and address them promptly to ensure a stable, positive and team-oriented work environment. 
  • Ask for feedback from your peers on how you can make your office environment productive and stress-free.
  • Encourage everyone on your team to be kind and respectful to one another and if they have an issue with someone, to deal with that person directly instead of talking about it to coworkers behind their back.
  • Develop and publicize workplace policies that encourage open and positive communications among team members and that negativity will not be tolerated or rewarded in the organization. Consider implementing a program that provides incentives for workers’ actions that contribute to a positive and harmonious work environment.