Dealing with Objections of the Heart and Mind


If you are a producer, you know the scenario. You have been building a relationship with a potential client, given a presentation or two, met the key players and answered everyone’s questions but still they haven’t said yes.

You’ve made it this far so you know that their heart is saying yes but something in their mind is saying no. Here are some suggestions on ways to deal with objections of the mind.

View the objection as a request for more information. Keep your ego out of it and don’t take it personal. Respond by giving them what they are missing to make a final decision.

Identify what the exact objection is. Some potential reasons could be an unwillingness to change carriers, objection to a part of your proposal, or fear of making a big decision in general.  Once you know it, you can communicate it back to them with the right information.

Don’t immediately answer an objection. You need time to consider your response and make sure you cover all points before addressing the objection (s).

Stay calm and collective. Do not let yourself become emotional about the sale. Most potential clients can sense frustration or anger on your part and it will be a turn off.

If it is a price issue, agree with their concern but let them know that while you don’t want them to overpay, it would be worse to purchase a product or service that is of poor quality and doesn’t meet their needs.

Be creative. Dig deep and think of every hidden advantage the potential client may not have considered and let them know all the ways your company provides value-added benefits.

Remember that ultimately, decisions are made on an emotional level. The majority of the time, your potential client will go with the solution that uniquely benefits their company. A successful salesperson knows how to get in the person’s head and fully understand what motivates them, frustrates them and what they truly need to feel good about the purchase. If the person has not said yes yet, your probably have not identified and pushed their hot buttons and a great salesperson will keep at it until they do!