Producer Success Tip - What Innovation Means to the Health Insurance Producer

For our Producer Success Tip, we invite you to think about what innovation means to you as a producer and how you are planning to incorporate innovation now and in the future.

To help with that process, we’ve compiled a list of what brokers shared at the 2015 Benefits Selling Expo held in Scottsdale, Arizona last May. Attendees had an opportunity to record their thoughts on innovation via video and below are some of their thoughts:

What Does Innovation Mean To You as a Broker/Producer?  

  • “Starting a new process, educating my audience as much as possible and informing clients on what we are doing to make things better”
  • “Innovation is systems and technology working together”
  • “Not being afraid to fail and being adaptable; truly listening to our customers”
  • “Offering new ways for employees to purchase benefits”
  • “Helping clients and employees manage information overload regarding their benefits”
  • “Becoming more of an expert in the health insurance industry”
  • “Being adaptable and embracing  change in technology and the industry as a whole”
  • “Making products and services more efficient”
  • “Offering better products, better services and better prices”
  • “Improving open enrollments for my clients – offering more  face-to-face meetings, online opportunities, different languages and self-enrollment”