Provider Success Tip: Eight Ways to Stay in the Know in 2016

This month’s producer success tip is about how to stay on top of the healthcare industry to share relevant information with your clients. We have all seen a lot of changes lately and the passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 was only part of it. Factors such as technological advancements, increased consumer involvement, heightened interest in wellness programs and evidence-driven medicine have all contributed to a changing healthcare landscape. 

The health industry hits keep on coming so to stay abreast of all the changes, we’ve listed below eight tips that can assist you in 2016:   

Check out free alert services. Talkwalker Alerts is a free alerting service that we are especially fond of and use ourselves. It provides you with updates of the latest relevant mentions on the web directly to your email box or RSS feed reader. Google alerts is another option to receive email notifications when relevant news stories are posted. You can set up your Google alerts here. 

Read partner publications. Business partners may publish regular communications such as our company's e-zine PCMI eNEWS, to keep you on top of industry news. By setting aside a little time each issue to read headlines and articles of interest, it can help keep you apprised of what is going on in the self-insured and health care industries that you need to be aware of.  

Network at events. Old-school face-to-face networking at local business events, conferences and trainings never goes out of style for staying connected and in the know. At conferences, be sure to speak with conference attendees as well as expert panelists. 

Subscribe or renew trade organization memberships.  If you have let some of your memberships to industry trade organizations lapse or have wanted to join one and haven’t done so, now is the time. As a member, you can connect with other professionals in your industry and educate yourself through workshops, meet and greets and relevant communications including newsletters, blogs and valuable trade magazines. 

Make time for trade journals and news magazines. It’s a good idea to schedule time to read industry-specific trade journals as well as an informative consumer news magazine to stay on top of relevant information to help your clients. These days you can read in print or online so choose the best method to keep you consistent in your reading habit.

Follow relevant websites and blogs. Do a search of keywords commonly used in your industry to find quality blogs relevant to your client’s business and healthcare industry and sign up to receive their posts through RSS. Blogs are especially helpful by providing information in bite-size bits that you can scan quickly. 

Listen to podcasts during drive time. Even a 15-20 minute commute can offer you an opportunity to listen to part or all of a podcast on a topic of interest to you in the health care industry. Listening to a leader in the health care industry has the added benefit of giving you conversation starters when meeting up with business partners and clients. 

Connect on Twitter and LinkedIn. Lastly, search key words for the health care industry and do a search of industry leaders you can follow on LinkedIn and/or Twitter. If you can connect with them online by starting a dialog through these social platforms is even better.