State & Federal Exchange Marketplace Notices Coming to Employers

Keep an eye out for notices to be released now until the end of the year by the IRS and a state exchange, such as Covered California, or federal insurance exchange, referred to as or the “Marketplace”. If you receive one of these notices and wish to appeal, you have 90 days from the date of the notice. 

Notices will go out to all employers who had one or more employees access at least one month of coverage and premium assistance and listed your company and address on their application.

If you decide to appeal the notice, you will need to show that you offered the employee access to and/or the employee was enrolled in affordable, minimum-value employer-sponsored health coverage,  making them ineligible to receive a premium subsidy. If the state exchange or Marketplace decides that the employees’ coverage and subsidy were erroneously offered, they will notify the employee to update their application.  An appeal must be filed for each employee for whom you receive a notice.