26 Feb

Dealing with Objections of the Heart and Mind

If you are a producer, you know the scenario. You have been building a relationship with a potential client, given a presentation or two, met the key players and answered everyone’s questions but still they haven’t said yes.

26 Feb

How Employees Can Reduce Stress for a Healthy Heart

Since February is American Heart Month, it’s a good reminder to educate employees on the link between chronic stress and heart disease.

26 Feb

Update to Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plans

The final rule has just been issued by the Department of Health and Human Services to further define what is considered minimum value (MV) for a benefit plan.

26 Feb

Bob Twidwell Joins PCMI Team

PCMI welcomes back Bob Twidwell as our new Senior Director of Operations. Bob previously worked for PCMI for 13 years in the areas of operations, underwriting, finance, and information technology.

Pinnacle TPA telemedicine
26 Feb

Cost Saving Trends in Self-Insurance

Today’s health care insurance landscape continues to change with more cost-saving options than ever before thanks to advancements in the areas of technology and wellness. In this post, we share two health care options from the past that have been trending in the news lately: telemedicine and health outcomes-based solutions.


09 Feb

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Your Business

According to an article featured in a recent issue of Insurance Business America, writer Jamie Thomas shares seven deadly sins insurance producers should avoid when marketing their businesses. We are sharing highlights from some of them. See if you might be making one or all of these marketing sins.

Pinnacle Claims Management - National Birth Defects Prevention Awareness
09 Feb

Resources Available to Prevent Birth Defects

As part of a nationwide effort championed by the National Birth Defects Prevention Network (NBDPN), we at PCMI are spreading the word about how pregnant employees (or those who plan to be in the future) can prevent birth defects.

Pinnacle Claims Management Updates
09 Feb

IRS 2015 FSA Update

Changes to approved amounts for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) were recently announced by the IRS.

Pinnacle Claims Management online reporting tools
09 Feb

Two PCMI Reporting Products Available to Help You

To help employers and the clients of producers meet compliance requirements, PCMI has developed two reporting products: the ACA Dashboard and Business Edge.

07 Jul

The Five Best Things to Seek in Your Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Taking business to market regularly is one of the most effective cost maintenance strategies for your self-funded clients. It can be intimidating to send out an RFP and measure responses, but this business exercise can uncover the most competitive offer for your client.

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