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We Do the Paperwork for You

Our team assists with entering paper applications and other manual transactions to ensure you spend your time in the most effective ways for your business.

We can assist with the following:

  • Processing paperwork and transactions related to new group enrollments or renewals
  •  Tracking eligibility for each participant and dependent, according to the type of plan, such as medical, dental, vision, pharmacy and life
  • Monitoring dependents’ ages to determine termination of coverage
  • Auditing employer eligibility profiles against participation data and payroll information to ensure accuracy

We offer several online tools to assist with the enrollment process and increase efficiency. HealthView enables employees to access enrollment applications, plan benefits and make real-time updates, such as address or dependent status changes. This helps to avoid unnecessary paperwork. Additionally, they can view their claims, look up the cost of procedures and prescriptions and print temporary ID cards, if needed. Brokers and employers can make real-time updates in PERC, our proprietary and easy to use online tool. This includes adding or terminating employees, viewing eligibility and claim status, generating detailed reports and much more. Providers have the ability to look up eligibility using our proprietary Online Provider Information System (OPIS). We also use an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone system that employers, participants, and providers can use to verify eligibility and check benefits.

Our proprietary online tools ensure you have easy access to your account’s eligibility and enrollment information. LEARN MORE



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