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We’re experts in Pharmacy Benefits Management

Our pharmacy benefits management (PBM) services provide members with solutions to meet their unique pharmacy needs. Not only do we adhere to a consultative approach and foster relationships with our members, but we also ensure our PBM can be combined with any third-party administrator.

We have on-site licensed clinical pharmacists who conduct full reviews and work closely with members, doctors, and pharmacies. Our strong relationships give us the unique advantage to work within the health care team on behalf of the overall health of the patient.

Why we’re different

Experience and Integration: Not only do we offer our own PBM solutions, we also offer solutions that enable us to integrate with yours.

Customized Plan Designs: We evaluate how our members’ plan designs are performing and give recommendations to improve and enhance the design to increase member adherence and save clients and/or members money.

Visibility: Employers pay for claims as they occur as opposed to paying a premium for benefits their members may or may not use. Employers have visibility as to what exactly they are paying for.

Monitoring & Reporting: Our transparent financial reporting shows details of costs, claims data, discounts, analytics, and rebates. Our comprehensive reporting provides direct oversight and helps you take control of your health care dollars and can include standard and customized reports.

By evaluating your analytics, you can:
  • learn more about the health of your workforce
  • understand the true benefits of your plan
  • pinpoint chronic health conditions
  • develop a better understanding your employee population


Sample Reporting

Broad Formulary: While many formularies are shrinking, ours remains broad, which we can also customize. We can also keep members on their current prescriptions during their transition to our PBM to ensure they experience no disruptions with their medications.

We also offer a variety of tools to access information:
  • Network of more than 65,000 pharmacies
  • Access to mail order and specialty drug services
  • 24/7 pharmacy service
  • Member identification and help with manufacturer assistance, copays, and program enrollment
  • Downloadable formulary
  • Pharmacy locator


Privately Owned and Independent: We’re not a subsidiary of a large corporation like other PBMs, so we have the flexibility to quickly adapt to best business practices.

Health Management: We work in tandem with our Health Management team to create holistic solutions that improve members’ health and adherence to their medications.

How to Choose a Pharmacy Benefit Management Partner

Hidden costs, confusing definitions and lack of data can make it difficult to evaluate plans. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some important items to consider when looking for a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM).

Access our free PBM guide to see if it is right for you.

Need help navigating the complexities of the ever-changing pharmacy benefits marketplace? Contact us today!

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