Pinnacle Careers

Pinnacle Claims Management Inc. (Pinnacle) is a dynamic and growth-oriented company that is looking for dedicated professionals who want to use their skills in a workplace environment that emphasizes teamwork as much as achievement. Our approach to creating a productive and dynamic workplace is to inspire and motivate employees to find their personal track to success within our company. Our strong commitment to service is why we have been around for more than two decades and are still going strong.

We make every effort to utilize all our capabilities to satisfy one mission — to enhance the competitiveness and profitability of our members and clients. We are curious and we strive to understand what others are trying to achieve. We plan and execute work in a helpful and collaborative manner, we are willing to adjust our efforts to ensure that work and attitude are helpful to others. If you are self-accountable, known for having a positive impact, and diligent in delivering results, apply today!