Health Management

Pinnacle is your partner for better health. Pinnacle’s Health Management program provides personalized care management and wellness services to your employees and their families.

Care Management

The care management services take a systematic approach to helping patients diagnosed with a persistent and complex health condition, such as:

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension/ high blood pressure
  • High Cholesterol

Once enrolled, a member of our care management team will become your employee’s health coach, engaging in monthly calls, goal setting, answering questions, assessing treatment plans, and much more. They will also receive complimentary health worksheets, employer incentives, discounts on medications, and assistance in multiple languages.


Pinnacle Health Management’s wellness services are customizable to your company’s needs and can include wellness newsletters, weight-loss challenges, personal coaching, dietary assistance, meal planning, wellness reporting, and much more.

Your participation in the Pinnacle Health Management program is always confidential and will only be shared with designated healthcare professionals as part of your treatment plan.

Already a member of the Pinnacle Health Management program?

Use these links to download the Care Management enrollment forms:

Care Management Enrollment Form (English)

Care Management Enrollment Form (Spanish)

You can reach our customer service department at (844) 230-1121 or