Sleep Health
15 Mar

Getting Adequate Sleep Can Boost Productivity and Contribute to Better Health



SLEEP HEALTH  |  By: Cher Knebel, Communications Manager
(March 15, 2019)

19 Dec

Bad Habits to Drop in the Workplace - Negativity

Bad work habits can be hard to break, but if you are interested in changing them, you first need to be aware of them.  If not caught and reversed, bad habits can diminish employee and team productivity in a workplace, compromise business flow and sap the energy of your organization.

19 Dec

PCORI Fees Rising in 2017

As an employer of a self-insured health plan, you and commercial group health insurance providers are required to pay an annual fee to fund the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). For 2017, the fee will rise by an additional nine cents per plan enrollee.

19 Dec

IRS Gives Extensions for IRS Form 1095-B and -C

The Internal Revenue Service released a notice in November informing employers that their deadline to furnish 1095-B or -C (Employer-Provided

19 Dec

Cost Containment Health Benefit Trends for 2017

Recent studies, such as the 2017 Health

Pinnacle Claims Management - Bad Habit Multi-Tasking
28 Jul

Producer Success Tip - Bad Habits to Drop the Second Half of the Year

Many of us have at least one bad work habit we want to break, but before we can change it, we must first be aware of it. Consistent bad habits can take away from work progress and compromise business flow.

28 Jul

State & Federal Exchange Marketplace Notices Coming to Employers

Keep an eye out for notices to be released now until the end of the year by the IRS and a state exchange, such as

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26 Apr
Pinnacle Claims Management health care trends
26 Apr

Trends Affecting the Healthcare Industry for 2016

If you thought it would be smooth seas ahead after all the changes to the health care industry resulting from health care reform the past five years, think again. Changes are still coming and here are three of the top trends making a big impact to the healthcare industry in 2016 and beyond:  

Pinnacle Claims Management telemedicine trend
26 Apr

Telemedicine Continues to Gain Steam in Healthcare Industry

You have no doubt heard about telemedicine, also called telehealth, in the news lately. But how much do you really know about this healthcare delivery option? We first discussed telemedicine as an option for self-insured employers in our Feb.