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Pinnacle Launches Enhanced Diabetes Program

IRVINE, Calif. (August 25, 2020) – Pinnacle Claims Management, Inc., in partnership with Pinnacle Health Management, has announced the launch of its Enhanced Diabetes Program. The program will enable eligible participants to leverage advanced mobile technology to manage their diabetes more effectively. Participants of the program have

Aug 25, 2020 | Blog

Pinnacle Launches New Website

Pinnacle is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website! Our goal with this website is to provide our visitors with an easier way to learn about our services. We also want to ensure we provide existing clients with easy access to our portals and

Jul 20, 2020 | BlogNews

Regular Checkups Can Help You Stay Healthy

Preventive care is any medical service that helps you avoid health-related emergencies. By getting your preventive care done, you can help catch diseases early, make a condition more manageable, and increase your chances of successful treatment. Preventive care is not only better for your health, but it

Jun 09, 2020 | BlogHealth care

Coping with Stress During COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought stress and feelings of uncertainty for many people. Fear of the unknown can affect everyone from adults to children. It can cause stress about your health and the health of your loved ones. It can also lead to difficulty sleeping or concentrating,

Jun 09, 2020 | Blog
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