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01 Sep

Pinnacle iNETICO Partner to Provide State of the Art Care Management Services

Pinnacle Claims Management, Inc. (Pinnacle) is announcing a new partnership with iNETICO, which has proactively developed seamless and efficient systems for both case and care management services, aimed at maximizing savings.

01 Jul

Bending the Trend: Getting Back to the Basics

It’s easy in the realm of self-funding to be overwhelmed with too much information. Where do you turn to get answers to seemingly simple questions? A client might ask what their claims costs are and what’s driving these costs.

05 Apr

How Brokers Can Survive Healthcare Reform: Demonstrate Value to Your Customers

With the arrival of healthcare reform, brokers have a growing concern about maintaining business in the coming years. The implementation of medical loss ratios will regulate and contain administrative costs for insurance carriers to be no more than 20% of premiums.

01 Feb

Self-Funded or Not, Brokers Should Know the Way Through the Care Management Maze

Two-thirds of employees in the U.S. who are covered under an employer sponsored health plan are also covered by some form of a self-funded health program.

01 Feb

Self-Funded: When It Comes To Healthcare Reform, Don’t Forget About Reporting Requirements

There is a lot to consider when wading through the reams of regulatory provisions associated with healthcare reform – immediate and eventual insurance market reforms, grandfathered plans, the individual mandate, health insurance exchan

01 Dec

Pinnacle Heads to Lake Tahoe, CAJPA

Pinnacle Claims Management, Inc. (Pinnacle) will be exhibiting at California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA) in Lake Tahoe, Sept.

02 Nov
Pinnacle Employee Reporting
01 Sep
David Zanze
01 Sep

Pinnacle's Zanze Set to Speak at 2010 Self Funding Conference

Pinnacle Claims Management Inc.'s (Pinnacle) President David Zanze is slated to speak at the 2010 Self Funding Conference in Los Angeles later this month.  The conference, which is scheduled from Sept.

01 Sep

Health and Wellness Center Opens in Salinas

Many years ago, it was not unusual for large businesses to have a medical professional on staff taking care of minor ailments and illnesses quickly on the work site.  That health delivery model has recently been getting a shot in the arm among employers with the establishment of conveniently-located health and wellness clinics or centers.&